Former Fairhaven resident, Sarah Walker, visited the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut today. She got much more than she probably bargained for because this turned out to be an extraordinary trip to the aquarium, and one that I’m sure many would love to experience for themselves.

A playful Beluga Whale interacted with her from behind the glass in its tank. Walker simply lifted her open hand up to the glass and the sea creature would open its mouth in response. When Sarah retreats, so does the cheeky beluga. It appears to look away, pretending to not even notice her standing there. This game only lasts a short while, but judging by the look of that smile on Walker’s face, I’m sure she will remember this moment for the rest of her life.

Walker commented on the experience saying that the "Beluga was coming right up to the glass and pressing her face to it. When we would reach out it would open her mouth and make noise. The employee said he thinks she likes the interaction and wants all the attention."

The whale even photobombed a couple of the pictures of Sarah with her husband, James. I have to say, these photos and the video will make a great “On This Day” post when it shows up in their newsfeed year after year. I’m so jealous!

James Walker / Facebook
James Walker / Facebook

This short video is too cute and funny to not share with absolutely everyone you know.

Video Credit to James and Sarah Walker of Connecticut

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