Christopher Moore Facebook
Christopher Moore Facebook

You don't see this every day. Pitbull stopped by popular Rhode Island spot Public Kitchen & Bar on Aug. 10.

Christopher Moore, featured in the picture with Pitbull, confirms the artist spent over five hours in a private room at the Providence restaurant and dipped into the main dining area a few times.

Watching Pitbull on television or on stage, he really gives off confident, sometimes arrogant, vibes but according to Moore, that was not the case on this night.

"To be honest, he was the most gracious 'celebrity' I have ever met, and I have met tons," Moore said. "Genuine, kind and just a great guy."

We love hearing that Mr. 305 is a well-grounded human being, even though after over two decades of having hit songs and selling out venues across the country, he has earned the right to have a little ego.

Pitbull was apparently not shy when it came to taking pictures.

"He even picked the kids up to take photos," Moore said of Mr. Worldwide. "He was really amazing."

Christopher Moore Facebook
Christopher Moore Facebook

Pitbull initially dropped into the restaurant with a female friend and was later joined by other friends.

We have had quite a few celebrity sightings here on the SouthCoast this summer and it's refreshing to hear that most of them have been amazing encounters.

Pitbull is on tour with Iggy Azalea and performed at Mansfield's Xfinity Center to a sold-out crowd the day before his appearance at the restaurant.

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