As per usual, Phelps and his 4X100m Medley teammates took home the gold, by almost two full seconds. Their total time of 3:27.95 also set an Olympic record.

The win now gives Phelps 23 gold medals and 28 Olympic medals overall, further adding to his gaudy and god-like totals.

In the final leg Nathan Adrian broke away from the pack for good, solidifying Team USA and Phelps' place among the top of the podium.

So for now, Phelps goes out exactly how he should; on top.

You can never really say never, especially with a talent like Phelps. If he truly believes and decides that this is it, though, what a show he has put on for the past 16 years. It has been quite the privilege watching the greatest Olympian of all-time "fly" through the water time after time.

The USA women's 4X100m Medley team also cruised to an easy victory, Saturday.