At a time where people should be spreading the love, a recent story that went viral made me wondering, is drive-thru revenge at an all-time high?

As you probably can imagine, drive-thru spots have had higher traffic since the pandemic began. Longer lines mean more impatient customers.

If you haven't heard the story, a woman was in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's in Australia. She happened to be in front of a very impatient customer who beeped at her because she was taking too long. The first woman paid for the impatient car behind her, only to pull up to the next window and take both her order and the order of the customer behind her – meaning the impatient customer would have to get back in line to order her food.

To me, this is the most epic revenge, regardless of how petty it may have been. Many of us have experienced "drive-thru rage" and can relate.

I have to admit that during all of this while visiting drive-thru spots, I have been more patient than ever, even continuing to pay it forward and sometimes paying for the person behind me's order when I'm able.

The Starbucks line at the Dartmouth location has been pretty long for the past few weeks but I haven't witnessed anything crazy. How about you? Have you been the victim or witnessed drive-thru rage in the last few months?

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