If you like to ride your bike or attend spin classes, then the YMCA is hoping you will join them in Pedaling for a Purpose.

I'll tell you right now, the one thing I miss are my spin classes. There's nothing like the energy you get from the instructor and the music. I was so excited to hear that the YMCA is not only booking socially distanced bikes but that you can virtually take part in the YMCA SouthCoast Spin-A-Thon. It's taking place on October 3 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This event helps the YMCA provide memberships to those kids and families that need it but wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. The goal is to continue to keep our neighbors healthy.

You can decide what city on the SouthCoast for which you want to pedal. It's not only a fun way to help raise money but a great motivator as well. Think about it, you are probably like me and have definitely put on a few pounds this year. What better excuse to finally jump-start working out again then to get to pedaling for a purpose?

It's easy to get your self signed up. Visit the YMCA SouthCoast online and just click on your city. Fill in all the info and get your butt ready to ride. Yes, you will probably be sore but just think of the people you will be helping. Plus, the bike is good for the buns. Let's go!

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