A Paxton nurses who suffered from cancer, wrote her own obituary a week before she died.“I died Thursday, April 16, 2015 surrounded by family,” Beth O’Rourke wrote. “I was 44 years old. I was a survivor.” was the opening of the obituary according to CBS Boston.

Seven years ago, O'Rourke was diagnosed with 4 biliary cancer, a very rare form of cancer. The cancer mainly effects the bile ducts. O'Rourke known to her family and friends for participating in marathon and triathlons, took the disease head on.

GoFundMe/ Elizabeth O'Rourke
GoFundMe/ Elizabeth O'Rourke

She wrote that she LOVED her life and was thankful to her family and doctors. She also said that of all the things she had done in life, nothing compared to being with her husband and kids. O'Rourke said she couldn't have asked for a more supporitve husband.

O'Rourke concluded the obituary with a GoFundMe link dedicated to her children and their future.

You can read the entire obituary here.