Before the PawSox leave the city, they're using McCoy Stadium as the location of an engagement party for A-Rod and J-Lo...sort of.

The team is planning a Red Sox themed night to recognize their 50 years of affiliation. The "party" will include videos of the historic 2004 season with the bench clearing fight and A-Rod ball swipe.

And everyone who wears a Jason Varitek or Bronson Arroyo jersey are getting in for free.

Kids 12 and under are getting in free too, jersey or no jersey.

And perhaps the best part is that the team actually invited Ben Affleck to come and throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

No word on if Affleck will really show for the most confusing theme night ever, but if you want to be there game night is Friday April 12th.

It'll be the team's second home game of the last season in McCoy Stadium and they'll be playing the Syracuse Mets.

Fun fact: former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is reportedly playing for the Syracuse Mets this season, so he'll be there for the engagement party night too.

Tebow is said to be getting in on the theme night himself, making J-Lo's rival Mariah Carey his walkout music for the series with the PawSox.

It sounds weird, but also very entertaining.

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