This might have been my most difficult task in my three-plus years of working at Fun 107...

First things first, my fur-kids would disown me as their mama if I didn't share their photo first as my "favorite" All American pets:

Whiskey (left), Oakie (right), Booga (creeper in the back)
Whiskey (left), Oakie (right), Booga (creeper in the back)

Next, I had to sift through 475+ pictures that people submitted of their pets. It was the most joyous hour of my life at work, ever. I love all the animals, and they were all SO CUTE. Then came the hard part - picking just a handful to showcase as some of our favorites.

If you want to see or add to the full thread, you can find it on Facebook here.

Thank you to everyone who shared photos of their dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and even fish! I wish I could have saved all the photos, but my MacBook probably would have caught on fire.

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