Isn't it incredible to know the peculiar things that are waiting to be discovered in New Bedford?

Having lived in the West End for nearly four years, I am endlessly fascinated by the oddities that catch my attention. Remember the infamous Busty Seagull or the strange Minecraft sculpture down by the South End?

New Bedford never fails to entertain. Surprises lurk around every corner.

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As I made my way home from work the other day, my gaze fell upon an unexpected sight: a pair of pants suspended from a delicate branch near the busy octopus intersection. Having just crossed the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge and turning toward Walgreens on Pleasant Street, there they were:

Someone's forgotten trousers.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

My mind instantly swirled with questions, each one more of a head-scratcher than the last.

  1. Who would abandon such a potentially costly item?
  2. Are they men's or women's pants?
  3. What time of day were they discarded? In the hustle and bustle of daylight or under the cloak of night's silence?
  4. Though seemingly intact, could there be a hidden flaw worthy of disposal, like a worn-out crotch or torn backside? (I've been there.)
  5. Should I notify the authorities? Maybe this way the pants could be reunited with their rightful owner.
  6. Could this be the aftermath of a scandalous rendezvous, with the pants serving as silent witnesses to an affair?

Aside from a lone winter hat a few feet away, there was no sign of struggle or mischief, just a solitary pair of pants dangling from a tree branch.

Perhaps someone carelessly tossed the pants out a car window and fate simply led them to rest upon that branch. Yet, my mind insists on spinning elaborate tales about even the smallest of mysteries. Hence those ownerless pants occupy my thoughts rent-free.

Such is life in my corner of the world.

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