They are the biggest boy band on the planet right now and though the ladies love them, some parents aren't exactly on board. But why are the guys of One D blasting back?


Tim P Whitby/Getty Images

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson found himself in Twitter tiff with a pair of Chelsea, Michigan parents this week after taking their comments about the band's music perhaps a tad too personally.

According to the Chelsea Standard, Mike and Mary Stone felt the Chelsea High School chorus shouldn't perform One Direction's hit "Live While We're Young" because the lyrics "tonight, let's get some" were a little too sexual in nature for high schoolers. They even went as far as too appeal the school board to get the song removed from the chorus' playlist this past Saturday night.

Well clearly Tomlinson did not agree tweeting out an angry response directed right at the Stones...

"Dear Mr and Mrs Stone, I'm deeply saddened by your complaint to Chelsea High School regarding our lyrics... I hope the two of you 'get some' very soon :) #cryingparents"

Not the classiest of moves by the 22-year-old singer and I'm certainly not the only one who thinks so.

Brooks Gibbs, the national spokesman for the Office Depot Foundation's bulling prevention program, spoke out about the tweets. Since One Direction is a partner of this anti-bullying program, Gibbs was obviously asked about Tomlinson's choice to bully these two parents.

Keeping things as kosher as possible, Gibbs simply said,

“This is very much a out of character for Louis and the boys of One Direction, they, to my knowledge, have never been so harsh.”

To my knowledge they never have been either, but I think we've all learned from previous teen stars getting bigger than your britches is very easy to do.

So was Tomlinson right to fight back against parents who were just looking out for their kids or should he have kept his opinions to himself?