Michael Hogan is a sophomore at Old Rochester Regional High School.  In a school that has produced a number of champions over the past several years including the volleyball team, the golf team and a recent deep run in the state tournament by the boys basketball team, Michael fits right in.

For the second straight year, Michael Hogan has marched his way through the qualifiers, the regionals, and now the nationals for the Massachusetts Special Olympics bowling championships.

For the second year in a row, Michael has gone home with multiple gold medals (winning two last year and three this year).  The interesting part of Michael's story is that he's really in search of qualified competition.  "Michael is still on the young side," said his father, Jim Hogan.  "Most of the younger competitors are about 18 years old, and the age groups go all the way up to people in the 50's and 60s."  Michael is far and away the best Special Olympics bowler in the state in his age group.

His best score ever?  Michael remembers it clearly.  It was about a month ago at a bowling alley in East Providence.  Michael bowled a 286, only 14 points shy of a perfect score of 300.  Michael opened up that night by nailing 10 strikes in a row.  He followed that up with a 6 and a spare.  A perfect game would have been 12 strikes.  "That's my next goal," said Michael.  "I want a perfect game."

With the amount of practice Michael gets, he can't be too far away.  Hogan bowls four times a week at Wonderbowl in New Bedford.  He's a fixture there.

Michael launched a YouTube channel dedicated to his bowling career.  It is called Michael Hogan Autistic Bowler.


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