Once again, "Donut Day" has landed on the SouthCoast and Fun 107 took full advantage of it.

For myself, it's like Christmas.

I love working the drive-thru and selling/up-selling as many donuts as possible, knowing that 25 cents of each delicious pastry will be going towards the Special Olympics of RI and the Bristol County area of MA.

I walked into the new Next-Gen Dunkin located at 18 Plaza Way in Fairhaven, right in the middle of the Staples Plaza. Instantly, I was greeted by my good ol' friends who have been loyal workers to the location since day one.

Dozens among dozens of delicious, right out of the oven, donuts were stacked neatly behind a glass display, decorated with finesse.

There were spider donuts that represented the Halloween/Fall season that had a munchkin in the center of it, winter themed donuts for the holidays that were dressed in festivity and joy and most importantly- there were star-shaped donuts that represented the 2019 Special Olympic games, drizzled in icing and filled to the brim with jelly.

"Pass me a headset," I kindly asked the Dunkin' crew, already knowing I was all business and ready to make a difference.

One by one, as the cars pulled up to the drive-thru, I greeted them, politely asking if they would like to but a donut, or two, or three, or perhaps a dozen. After all, you don't have to eat them, for they make great gifts.

Providence Bruins family packs, tickets to see Old Dominion at the Dunkin' Center as well as one $50 gift card to Dave and Busters in the Providence Place Mall were handed out to those who made a difference today as a thank you.

Simply out, a single donut purchased made the difference between an athlete competing and an athlete missing out. So, for all who came out today, Dunkin' alongside myself, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity.

Missed out on today? Not to worry- "Donut-Day" is more like a "Donut-Week" and will be continuing for the remainder of this week.


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