High school: where you made lifelong friends, experienced your first heartbreak, endured awkward moments, and made your way through the teen years as unscathed as possible. But in between all those moments, precious memories were made, and last night I watched memories being born for the seniors at Old Rochester Regional High School.

I was lucky enough to experience my first high school senior parade as the town showed support for their senior class's accomplishment, and if I could give any advice to the graduating class of 2021, it would be to cherish the priceless moments like the one on Tuesday night. The parade was cool, but the lead up to the event was my favorite part.

I arrived at the Knights of Columbus in Mattapoisett in the Fun107 van with Michael as cars began arriving. Every car was decked out in black, red, and white. Banners hung proudly from car doors and every student, in their red cap and gown, congregated to bask in the excitement. The feeling in the air was pure joy, partly because they were finally done with the longest year ever, but I have a feeling pride and camaraderie had a little something to do with their mood.

The entire time leading up to the parade, I couldn’t help but think, This was me 10 years ago. My school didn’t have a parade, but we had plenty of other moments that made us feel special and made the milestone of graduating all the more exciting.

I quietly watched the seniors goof off with their friends, take selfies, and just bask in the glow of the good vibes, and as we drove through the neighborhoods and down Route 6, it warmed my heart to see the support that the students received from excited family members, friends, and kind strangers.

Graduating high school seems standard, but that doesn’t take away the accomplishment and the pride that it should bring to a student to achieve that goal, because it’s the first accomplishment of many. As a person who graduated high school in 2011, the parade was a gentle reminder of how fast time goes, and how important it is to take pride in every personal accomplishment in life by celebrating the journey.

To any senior that may be reading this, live in the moment as best as you can. Your entire life is structured and planned, so don’t forget to take a second and breath in the experience that is happening at that moment. Hold on to memories like your senior parade because I promise, you will look back in a few years and be shocked at how fast time went.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the ORR senior parade, and here are some of my favorite moments.

Old Rochester Regional High School Senior Parade, Class of 2021

Michael and Maddie took the Fun107 van for a ride and joined the senior parade for ORR. Here are some of the best moments.

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