Fairhaven Fire Crews responded to a Friday morning oil spill in the harbor.

Wayne Oliveira, the Public Information Officer for the Fairhaven Fire Department, says they received a call from Fairhaven Harbormaster Timothy Cox reporting a significant oil spill in the New Bedford/Fairhaven Harbor.

The spill took place on the Fairhaven side near Mass. Steamship Authority Pier and Warren Alexander Wharf.

The fishing vessel Ocean Princess was making repairs overnight and during that time an unknown quantity of bilge oil was pumped into the harbor causing a floating oil slick.

Oil containing booms were put in place to keep the slick from spreading any further and the U.S. Coast Guard and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection arrived on scene to evaluate the damage and the recovery of the oil.

The oil clean-up was handled by Frank Corp. of New Bedford and the operation was conducted throughout the morning.

Oliveira says Fairhaven and New Bedford Officials have been chasing oil spills within the harbor over the past few days.