Just ahead of the group's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, NSYNC is teasing fans with cryptic reunion talk.

As I woke up this morning, the first thing in my Instagram feed was this...

No explanation, no description...just the promise of a "Dirty Pop Up" during the time frame the guys will all be together in Hollywood for their star ceremony.

And needless to say fans are freaking out!

Many of the group members posted the same photo, but no one seems to be saying a word...yet.

Of course we all want it to mean that the guys are going to be performing together again. Even if it was only for a few shows!

Sadly it does mean that if you want to see if this dream reunion becomes a reality, you've gotta book your tickets to Los Angeles stat!

And you'll probably want to watch the NSYNC official social media sites pretty closely for the next week or so, cause if a place and time become available...I imagine that's how they'll let people know.

Good luck on actually seeing these guys get back together, but to me it is just awesome that they could be doing a show.

Then my next dream will be for a full on reunion tour!

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