Hello, my name is Gazelle and I am addicted to TikTok.

Ever since I found out that a handful of celebrities were making the jump from their popular Twitter platform over to TikTok, I knew right away that I needed to be a part of this latest social media craze.

I remember the days when becoming Myspace famous was the cool thing to do. Then the yearning to be a YouTube star was everything and began blowing up once Justin Bieber was discovered by talent manager Scooter Braun. Instafamous may be starting to run its course, and now becoming TikTok famous is a whole new level of celebrity status via social media.

These days, the attention span of our youth, for the most part, has become shortened to the point where scrolling through 15-second videos is the newest fad. It's almost as if there's zero patience for two-minute YouTube videos anymore; the satisfaction of a short film is ideal and much more efficient.

From day one of installing the app, I was instantly sucked in.

I knew I had to find my niche and it had to be something that people enjoyed watching and was worth waiting in anticipation for the next video. To this day I am still searching but since I live quite a somewhat interesting life, I've simply been just messing around with my daily happenings.

I've posted TikToks of my piano skills and after parties and if you follow me (@IAmGazelle) you're more than likely to come across a video or two of my cats.

All it takes is one solid TikTok – perhaps something funny or moving or even just the reality of who I am that is going to catch the viral hook of the world of TikTok. Just one single video is all it takes and soon I'll be TikTok famous, and only then will I become completely satisfied with the app.

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