Toys "R" Us has been slowly staging a comeback over the last few years and now even more locations are coming around the SouthCoast.

The new partnership between Toys 'R' Us and Macy's has been super successful, causing the company to expand existing store-within-a-store locations and add many more.

In an announcement from the toymaker earlier this week, they say the latest plan is to put a Toys "R" Us location in every single Macy's store in the United States.

That means adding about 100 new in-store Toys "R" Us locations to the 400 already launched, and a few of them are in our area.

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Last October, we shared the scoop on a mini Toys "R" Us addition to the Dartmouth Mall Macy's store. At the time the store was slowly expanding its toy inventory to create a store-within-a-store shop, with the complete toy shop opening just before Christmas 2021.

Macy's Toys "R" Us
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That location is still thriving, it seems, and has everything the company says is coming to every Macy's in the country: about 1,000 square feet of toys with a life-size Geoffrey giraffe for photo opportunities.

Macy's Toys "R" Us
Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.


Bigger stores will get more square footage of toy space as well as "Ready, Set, Play" toy display areas for hands-on fun. Some of the previously opened in-store shops are planning upgrades and expansions to the pop-up shops.

Macy's Toys "R" Us
Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.

Starting this month and right through October 2022, all Macy's stores are going to get mini Toys "R" Us shops inside of them, local Macy's stores included. So here's where you'll find more in-store Toys "R" Us locations around the SouthCoast and when you can expect to shop at them.

Dartmouth Mall

This store has been in operation for a while and already meets all the expectations for new store-within-a-store shops. We don't expect any changes to this local Toys "R" Us before the holiday season.

Providence Place Mall

Surprisingly, the Providence Place Macy's did not get a large in-store Toys "R" Us during last winter's first toy rollout. Staff tell us they have only a "small pop-up section" right now, but "are expanding in the coming months to 1,000 square feet of toys." They currently have more and more toys arriving with each week's deliveries and should have the expansion complete by October.

Emerald Square Mall

This mall also never received a Toys "R" Us section during the initial announcement of the Macy's partnership and is expected to see a toy section coming in the next few months. Where exactly that section will be remains a mystery. The Emerald Square Macy's takes up two levels of the mall, so no word on which floor is getting the toy makeover.

Warwick Mall

Like the Dartmouth Mall, Warwick was part of the first round of in-store Toys "R" Us plans. Last October they welcomed thei in-store shop with a small section of toys and games and two Geoffreys. One is in the Toys "R" Us section and one stands by the main entrance letting shoppers know the beloved toy shop is inside.

Cape Cod Mall

This Hyannis location also got a handful of toys the first time around. Staff tell us they added a "super-small table set up" last winter for the holidays. They could potentially see an expansion of the section soon and have even more toys to choose from for Christmas 2022.

It's amazing to see this toy giant isn't gone for good and watching these Macy's in-store Toys "R" Us locations expand makes me hopeful that one day this childhood favorite for so many will have its own storefront again.

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