Jayden Moniz is a 12-year-old living in Fall River. His mom, Crystal Medeiros, posted this video on her Facebook page on Thursday, January 24. Jayden used his iPad with a special program that allowed him to order a meal from Duke's Bakery in Dartmouth for the first time.

"Jayden has been working very hard practicing how to order his favorite meals and snacks from his favorite bakery, with the help of his SLP, RBT & BCBA.

Tonight, Jayden successfully ordered his dinner at Duke’s Bakery! There are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling I felt watching him! I couldn’t be more proud to have him as my son! He never fails to amaze me and he never gives up no matter how stressed, confused or tired he is!

Great big thank you to his team who never gives up on him, who believes in him as much as I do, and who works so hard, everyday, with both him and I! Special thanks to our wonderful friends at Duke’s Bakery for the endless love, support and generosity they show Jayden, for sharing their ideas tonight to increase Jayden’s independence and communication during each visit and for working with us tonight!"

Duke's was extremely proud to witness this moment for themselves, posting about it on their own Facebook page.

"Tonight was a special night! We were very proud to be part of this milestone. Our longtime customer Jayden ordered and ate his first meal at Duke’s. Jayden has been eating SCD for 4 years now. He has autism and is nonverbal. Jayden's family picks up Jayden’s meals that he eats at home or school. His ABA workers have been helping Jayden enjoy social freedom with the use of his communications iPad. Tonight Jayden ordered, sat down and ate his first meal at Duke’s! I almost cried, to see how this child has grown and to know we play an important part in his life is beyond words. Moments like this is why Duke's was started. Thank Jayden and Crystal for being part of the Duke’s family."

Is there anything more precious than seeing a mom's pure joy over the successes of her child? Jayden is so proud of himself and deserves to be recognized for all his hard work!

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