The nominations for the IPMA have been announced! The Show will be held at the Zeiterion on Saturday April 22nd at 7PM.

Tickets are listed on the Zeiterion website.

Music Video of the Year

  • “Click Click Boom” by Dieze, Director: Louis Antonino (FRANCE)
  • “Raio de Sol” by Cremilda Medina, Director: Paulo Macedo (CAPE VERDE)
  • “Eu Espero” by Pérola, Director: Klasszik & Jihad Kahwajy (ANGOLA)
  • “Coração Vadio” by Sandra Correia, Director: João Costa Menezes (PORTUGAL)


  • “Tango Abril en Portugal” by Manhattan Camerata (USA)
  • “The Love of Playing” by Mike Kerr (USA)
  • “Monastic Lullabye” by Jazz Explorers (USA)
  • “Passaritos Fritos” by Louis Simão (CANADA)
Nelly Soares
Nelly Soares

World Music

  • “Mãe Negra” by Tony Gouveia (CANADA)
  • “Três Anos” by Louis Simão (CANADA)
  • “Gwensinza” by Sarah Musayimuto (DENMARK)
  • “Tu y Yo” by Anna Dominguez (USA)


  • “A Nossa Desgarrada (Pai e Filho) (ft. Devan Demelo)” by David DeMelo (USA)
  • “Ride The Wind” by Edie DaPonte (CANADA)
  • “Olhos Negros” by Sarah Pacheco (USA)
  • “Fazemos Festa (ft. The Portuguese Kids)” by Joey Medeiros (USA)


  • “Condenada a Viver-te” by Clara Santos (CANADA)
  • “Toma Conta de Mim” by Liliana Martins (PORTUGAL)
  • “Guitarra Povo” by Sarah Pacheco (USA)
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    • “Need Your Love (ft. Jay Perez)” by CUETWO (CANADA)
    • “Entertain Your Life” by Melo Musik (USA)
    • “Acabou” by Sofia (PORTUGAL)
    • “Eu Quero Sonhar” by Anna Dominguez (USA)


    • “Tchillar” by Nucho (PORTUGAL)
    • “Party With You” by Nutso (USA)
    • “#Moboneco” by Nsoki (PORTUGAL)
    • “Outra Metade” by Andy Scotch (PORTUGAL)


    • “My Choices” by Kezia Kerr (BRAZIL)
    • “Here I Stand” by Without Warning (USA)
    • “New World” by Bed Legs (PORTUGAL)
    • “When Morning Breaks” by FirstBourne (USA)


    • “My Treasure” by Nsoki (PORTUGAL)
    • “Só Mais Uma Vez” by Sarah Pacheco (USA)
    • “Walk in the Rain” by Cristóvam (PORTUGAL)
    • “Domino” by Sabrina Alves (SOUTH AFRICA)

    Musica Popular

    • “Assim se Diz” by Zé Duarte (USA)
    • “Margarida” by Tony Camara (CANADA)
    • “Baila Suavamente” by Joey Medeiros (USA)
    • “Rosa Branca” by Sarah Pacheco (USA)
    Paulo Chaves
    Paulo Chaves

    New Talent

    • Tz (Angola)
    • Nikita (CANADA)

    Song of the Year

    • “Três Anos” by Louis Simão (CANADA), written by Louis Simão and Wagner Petrilli
    • “Só Mais Uma Vez” by Sarah Pacheco (USA), written by Sarah Pacheco and Milu Pacheco
    • “Assim Se Diz” by Zé Duarte (USA), written by Zé Duarte
    • “We Are All Refugees” by Moses Christopher (PORTUGAL), written by Moses Christopher

    Portuguese-Brazilian recording artist and Latin Grammy award-winner Daniela Mercury will be performing and also receiving this years Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn

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