The Farmer' Almanac gave us their winter outlook last month, now NOAA has something to say about the winter ahead.

With temperatures dropping into the 30s tonight, we are all aware that winter weather is right around the corner for New England.

But just how bad will it be?

I've seen some very busy squirrels in my yard recently, which some say is an indication of a harsh winter.

And the Farmer's Almanac was calling for a "Polar Coaster" of temperatures with some super cold days ahead.

But what has science got to say about all that?

In fact they are calling for a warmer-than-average winter for most of the United States and say no where will there be colder-than-average temperatures from December through February.

Well then. That's quite the conflicting report.

They do have the serious scientific technology in their Climate Prediction Center to make the call, so it seems believable.

Or you can go conspiracy theory and say they are calling for a warmer winter to get global warming folks all up in arms.

Whatever you want to believe, NOAA says despite the average temperatures there will be a wetter than average winter ahead of us.

Whether than means lots of rain, slush or full on snow won't be determined until winter really arrives, since snowfall can't be predicted further than a week or so out.

And warmer-than-average doesn't exactly mean warm.

This is New England after all and average temperatures throughout the winter are typically in the mid to upper 20s, so "warm" could means 30s technically.

So you'll still need to bundle up.

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