When Bill chanted "No days off," apparently he wasn't kidding.

Take a look outside today. It's snowing... like a lot. It's horrible weather and you'd think no one should be outside in it at all right? Who in their right mind would have someone outside in this weather. What kind of crazy person would still be a stickler for being on time even though it's a blizzardbomb or whatever they're calling it outside. What kind of insane inhumane person would be that way?

Answer: Bill Belichick

I guess it makes sense when you're heading into the playoffs in January in New England. I mean, the games are probably going to be cold and crazy. Bill just likes to be prepared... for everything. I suppose we can just consider this another lesson from the G.O.A.T. when it comes to NFL coaches.

Check out the video of players running to practice in the snow courtesy of NBC Sports Boston on Twitter.

That looks like anything but enjoyable. I'm willing to bed they're pretty happy to be practicing in the indoor facility today. The walk to the facility though, looks pretty rough to say the least. Let's also not forget that they're doing this on a bye week.

Hopefully it all translates to some big wins over the next few weeks and into February.

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