We checked in one final time with ABC 6 Sports Director Nick Coit to wrap up the season, talk a little Tom Brady and get his predictions for Sunday's Super Bowl.

Listen to his full interview here:

Nick finds himself wondering what to do without a trip down to Miami for the Super Bowl.  Coit joked that without the Patriots in the Super Bowl, he was able to have a very rare week off at a time he usually never gets to relax, the final week of January. He was even able to take a leisure trip over the week, which he says is impossible with his usual schedule.

"Its a different feeling. As a sports journalist around here, I plan for the Super Bowl...and when it's not happening, it's weird." - Nick Coit

Brady was also a subject of concern today when he posted an image of him on Instagram walking either into or away from Gillette Stadium. The IG post has many people worried about Brady's future as a member of the Patriots. Some thought it was a tribute to Kobe Bryant, who had posed for a similar photo in the past. When asked about his opinion on the situation, Coit assured everyone that we're all making a big deal about one post and that only time will tell Brady's next plan of action. In fact, it's unlikely even Brady knows what his future holds at this point.

We then got to the main attraction, this weekend's Super Bowl. Coit agreed with me that deep down Brady is probably rooting for the Niners, considering he grew up a Niners fan and continues to talk with 49ers starting quarterback and former TB12 backup, Jimmy Garoppolo.

While Nick knows that 49ers have a solid defense, he feels that the Chiefs offense is too much for them. Coit is picking the Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers.

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