He has written dozens of novels, many of which have been made into blockbuster films. Now author Nicholas Sparks has written his first ever original TV series and the show is debuting this weekend!

Sparks' new series is titled Deliverance Creek and it is set in Missouri during the 1860s.

Expect all the love story plot lines you love from his films as Deliverance Creek follows the townspeople of Deliverance Creek, MO, who are all on opposing sides of the Civil War. As the war rages on, the series will explore questions about family, community, and how far we’re willing to go to protect those we love.

Especially the series' main character, Belle Gatlin Barlowe. Barlowe is a widow and mother of three who will do anything to defend her land and care for her kids.

You can catch sneak peek of this new show here,

And catch the series premiere this Saturday night on Lifetime at 8pm.