After months of investigation, the NFL released a new report today finding that Patriots employees likely deflated footballs.

Patriots Nation is probably not thrilled with these findings, but according to the NFL's latest report on "Deflate-gate," employees of the New England Patriots likely did deflate those footballs.

The report also says that Tom Brady was probably "at least generally aware" of the rules violations.

The investigation into under-inflated footballs used during the January 18th playoff game against the Colts has been ongoing apparently, cause a 243-page report was released today.

In the lengthy report, league investigators conclude that

it was more than probable than not" that Jim McNally, the officials' locker room attendant, and John Jastremski, an equipment assistant for the Patriots, were involved in "a deliberate effort to release air" from the footballs after they were examined by the referee.

Investigators found no evidence that coach Bill Belichick and team management knew of the practice, but it does seem Tom Brady may have known more than he let on at his press conference before the Super Bowl.

The report included text messages between McNally and Jastremski that were sent in October and January and imply that Brady was requesting footballs deflated below 12.5 pounds per square inch. They even described requests from McNally for shoes and signed footballs from Brady in exchange for deflating the balls.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league is considering what steps to take next, but many are already calling for Brady to be suspended to start the 2015 season. Do you think that would actually happen?

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