We have come a long way since the Mayflower made its way to Plymouth. Four hundred years, to be exact.

We have always been told history repeats itself. Well, it appears that's true.

An autonomous ship has been developed and will make a similar voyage to Plymouth, Massachusetts to the one that took place in 1620.

The vessel has begun its journey from Plymouth in the United Kingdom and will make its way to our Plymouth – with one catch. No humans will be going with it.

It's a super high-tech ship that will run itself and will be collecting much-needed data about our global climate. I was totally being a geek and checking out all the info. They have a live dashboard of everything going on with the vessel for the entire trip. You can check on its status anytime on the live dashboard.

The journey will now begin and should be completed in April 202, a little longer than the 10-week journey the Pilgrims took from September of 1620 until the Mayflower first landed in Provincetown in November 1620 and then finally arrived in Plymouth in December, but this vessel has a lot of work to do on its way.

I bookmarked this website so I can visit when this thing gets moving. I'm curious what information we can get from this self-driving ship, and to see if it'll make it all the way to Plymouth in one piece.

Am I the only one that thinks this is cool?

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