A new study shows what types of people share their entire romantic relationships on Facebook.


We all know that one couple that blows up our News Feeds with all that lovey-dovey stuff about their significant other. Admit it, you might be be part of one of those couples!

Well now there's a study that might explain why certain people post those kinds of things, or don't.

This study looks at "relationship visibility" on Facebook and how it relates to the perception people want to create of themselves on social media.

According to these studies, couples who post stuff like this on the daily have the WEAKEST relationships!

Taking a closer look, this study found that people who avoid social interaction and intimate relationships have a low desire for relationship visibility whereas anxious people report a high desire for relationship visibility and thus have weaker relationships.

In other words, avoidant people don't share much about their relationship on Facebook while anxious people love sharing every detail of their relationship with the world.

So now that you know this information, look at your Facebook and try to notice those couples!

For the full study, read here

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