If you've ever been to The Black Whale Restaurant in New Bedford, you know that parking can sometimes be difficult, especially on the weekends or whenever the weather is gorgeous.

For months, the city has been fixing up the pier and construction has taken over most of the parking lot, leaving fewer spaces. When you add up three other businesses that share the lot, the area can easily become congested quickly.

Between The Black Whale, Acushnet Creamery, The Whale's Tail clam shack, and Mirasol's, parking is most certainly limited.

The good news is The Black Whale has built a temporary lot that's better than nothing.

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Here's the solution:

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Just down the street in the Crystal Ice 24-hour vending dock is a lonesome parking lot that can now be used for overflow parking. Sure, it's a short walk, but this is parking that doesn't cost you a dime.

A small white sign welcomed restaurant patrons about a week ago and has relieved some of the traffic that builds up in the main parking lot. Employees of The Black Whale have been stationed outside the restaurant to help direct traffic toward the overflow lot if the main lot is full.

Google Maps
Google Maps

While this may not help anyone stopping for a quick ice cream cone or picking up a fisherman's platter from The Whale's Tail, it's a solid fix until the construction is complete.

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