After receiving several complaints from city residents, the New Bedford Police Department has released an official statement pertaining to oversized vehicles parked overnight on city streets, as well as trailers that are not hitched to a motor vehicle.

Any resident that parks their cars on city streets overnight knows how tight it can get.

The department aims to ease the burden of overnight parking by clearly defining the rules that are set in place for those bigger rigs.

Fines and towing are on the way.

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Parking for Oversized Vehicles in New Bedford

Here's what to know if you are parking an oversized vehicle overnight on a city street:

  • Parking a vehicle that requires more than a class "D" license to operate on a city street overnight is punishable by a $50 fine.
  • Trailers (including campers) not attached to a motor vehicle are subject to a $300 daily fine and can be towed.

A few online users posed questions surrounding trailers with license plates.

"I always thought if it had a plate it could be on the road," said Tammy Soares-Foisy.

"A trailer must be properly registered with a plate and attached to a motor vehicle to be on a public way," clarified the department.

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If you have oversized vehicles or unhitched trailers and campers in your neighborhood, the NBPD encourages residents to inform the department anonymously through its online form.

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