When it comes to New Kids On The Block Fans, one Dartmouth boy has "The Right Stuff."

Meet 9-year-old Brady Laviolette, a young man with a love like no other for music and dance, especially when it comes to NKOTB.

From a young age, Brady, who has autism spectrum disorder, shared his mom's love for the '80s boy band.

Over the years, Kristen Laviolette has watched her son's speech become stronger -- and all of it began with a song called "You Got It (The Right Stuff)."

"I've been a fan of NKOTB since I was a little kid back in 1987," Laviolette tells Fun 107, "Ever since they first got back together in 2008, I kept following them, played their music all the time around the house and in the car. I even increased the volume when they made guest appearances on "The Today Show" or 'LIVE With Kelly and Michael.' One day, (Brady) just started singing the song "The Right Stuff" and when he saw how excited I was for him, he became equally as excited."

Brady didn't talk much until age 3 but would sing the "oh-oh-ohhhh" part of the hit song before he could even talk. These days, he can sing the entire song and will often ask Alexa to play it. He is heading into fourth grade at Quinn Elementary School. He spends his spare time dancing at a dance studio and loves being up on stage.

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It's his mom's dream to meet the band in hopes that her son can, too.

"When I found out that Donnie Walhberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy's kid also has autism and loves 'Minecraft' just like my son, it made the connection and my love for them even stronger," Laviolette said.

The power of music is infinite and when it comes to Brady, his story is truly inspiring.

Oh, and to the NKOTB crew, if you're reading this, Brady would surely love to meet you.

Fingers crossed.

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