Some of us don't really notice whats dividing our highways. Sometimes it's a guardrail, trees and even grass and wildflowers.So when people started telling New Hampshire, they like the sunflowers along its highways, the state was completely baffled.


It turns out, a botanical mix-up resulted in sunflowers being planted at seven locations along New Hampshire highways according to WBZ-TV. The sunflowers were planted in various areas of the state in wildflower beds as part of a beautification project dating back to the 1960′s. New Hampshire says that really wasn't the plan at all. Of course with our rainfall over the summer, the sunflowers have just suddenly burst into bloom.

The sunflowers have also had bad consequences. New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation says they have received reports of drivers stopping on the highway just to take a photograph. People be acting like they've never seen sunflowers before. If you visit New Hampshire, don't be dumb enough to stop cold on a high speed highway. Also, it is making other New England states look at how ugly their interstates are. It seems Rhode Island is quite a bit jealous of all the positive attention the granite state is getting from this story.

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