The Department of Transportation, or DOT, is the branch of government that regulates all public transportation and is constantly changing regulations around air travel.

One of the most controversial topics is emotional support animals. Over the last few years, people have brought some interesting species on planes as "emotional support." This has caused concern for the DOT, so it started to make stricter regulations around what you bring on public transportation – more specifically, airplanes.

The DOT went so far as to band some breeds of dogs from flying. In recent weeks, however, it has loosened these restrictions a bit and lots of people are talking.

The new rule allows all types of dog breeds to board an aircraft. Airlines are not allowed to discriminate when it comes to the breed of dog.

Delta, however, still has a ban on pit bulls and we anticipate they may crack and remove that at some point.

I'm an animal lover, especially cats and dogs, but I'm also a flight attendant so I understand the safety concerns that come with having animals on board an aircraft.

Think about it: you wouldn't want a Great Dane in your row in an emergency. You wouldn't be able to escape if that dog decides to not budge or is afraid to move. I know how important an animal can be to pet owners but I truly think that if your animal is over a certain size or weight, a seat should be purchased for said animal.

As far as what kind of animals I have seen on a plane so far? Well, nothing truly out of the ordinary, but I did see a pet bunny. It was just plain adorable, but left me thinking: does the bunny know what to do in an emergency?

What do you think? Pet owners, I know you are biased but seriously, do you think you should be able to bring you pet with you on all public transportation?

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