On National Coffee Day, pretty much every spot that serves up a cup of joe has a special price on java for the day. Usually, they’re discounted prices in order to help celebrate the day and thank loyal customers for their patronage.

One New England chain, however, had a really different price briefly advertised leading up to National Coffee Day that had people wondering just how much they’d be willing to pay for a cup of their beloved beverage.

Marylou’s is popular along the South Shore and into Rhode Island, but hasn’t made deep inroads into the SouthCoast yet. There is a Marylou’s location on the Wareham/Rochester line, and one in Lakeville, and one is slated to open soon in Dartmouth.

Kasey Silvia/Townsquare Media
Kasey Silvia/Townsquare Media

Marylou’s calls itself “The Best Coffee in Town,” and fans of the small regional chain will vocally back up that claim.

But would they be willing to pay almost $100 for a cup of coffee?

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In what was obviously a typo by the graphics department, Marylou’s posted to Facebook late Wednesday night that it would have a special deal Thursday for National Coffee Day: any hot or iced medium or flavored coffee for just 99 cents. The caption clearly spelled out the deal, but the graphic said something different.

Townsquare Media screenshot
Townsquare Media screenshot

Someone mistakenly put that the special price was $99 for a medium coffee.

Not even the Funky Fanabla (a personal Marylou’s favorite) runs that much!

Within an hour of posting the mistake, Marylou’s removed the post and replaced it with an updated graphic that had the correct price.

Townsquare Media screenshot
Townsquare Media screenshot

The company gave a nod to the typo by posting in the new caption, “Happy National Coffee Day! Celebrate with Marylou’s and enjoy a 99 CENT (!) medium hot or iced, regular or flavored coffee all day long!”

At least one commenter got in on the fun as well.

“There, that price is better,” wrote Rob Keane.

However, others were commenting that they went into Marylou’s today and were not given the special price.

I’m not sure what happened and why they were charged the regular price, but at least they didn’t have to pay $99.

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