Gazelle traded in the microphone for a medium hot coffee.

To celebrate National Coffee Day and Dunkin Donuts' 66th anniversary, Gazelle decided to go down to a Dunkin Donuts in Fairhaven this morning and help out. Fun 107 even surprised someone with free breakfast!

Dunkin Donuts wants everyone to celebrate with them and is having a limited time offer of 66 cents medium hot coffee. The deal only lasts for today and with everyone in the drive-thru line, Gazelle went down to Dunkin Donuts to help take orders, give out gift cards, and make some coffees (hopefully he didn't mess up too badly on them). They even gave him a head set to work the drive thru!

So go out and treat yourself to a 66 cent medium hot coffee today!

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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