Prepare to have your mind blown and your stomach growling all at the same time.

Like donuts? Like burgers too? What if I told you that you could have a Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop donut cut in half with sizzling bacon, a fried egg and a delicious cheeseburger stacked in between?

Yeah, it's happening.

Country Whip in Acushnet is a family-owned local restaurant with beautiful outdoor picnic table seating and an inside dining room. Their lunch and dinner menus consists of all your favorites like grilled hot dogs, onion rings and classic country burgers.

That said, all week long Country Whip will be offering this mouth watering "Donut Burger" to satisfy your breakfast and dinner cravings all in one!

This week-long special is exactly what you need before school starts, or at lunch, or even for dinner.

Oh, and if one donut isn't enough for you, you can order the "Crazy Double Donut Burger," which has TWO donuts, one for each side of a double bacon cheeseburger.

Courtesy Country Whip

Finally, a brunch burger that satisfies all the hunger pangs.