Teaching kids how to take on and problem solve real-life adult issues could be the best class they take this school year.

I came across an article online titled "A High School in Texas is offering an Adulting 101 Class and We're Taking Notes" while on Facebook. I have to admit, when I first saw this, I thought of a few grown-ups I know that could use a refresher course in adulting. But really, the article is highlighting high schools that are offering this type of course to their young adult students.

I think it's not only genius but also way overdue. This is exactly what the young adults of today need before completing high school and moving onto their next chapter in life. I feel a class like this offering tools and information on everything from cooking healthy meals to managing their money and bank accounts is nothing but good stuff.

As one mom puts it, "It's a really good thing this class is being offered. Many kids don't have anyone at home to teach them these things, and they're often so swamped with school/life/etc that they don't even realize they need to know it until they're thrown into a situation. In many cases, you're also running up against kids whose guardians may have been teaching them incredibly damaging information (e.g. I've known kids whose parents gave them horrible information about credit cards, and they didn't think to question it)."

Do you think it's a good idea to offer high school students a class on adulthood?

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