Canada is fired up!! and I kind feel them on this. I like money to smell like money!  People leaving the banks, swearing up and down that the new $100 bill is the scent of maple syrup, and this isn't the first time either. When the national treasury released a new plastic bank note in November 2011, they really didn't think much of it and since have received hundreds of emails from residents who are convinced that the bills have that very particular scent of maple. According to the Daily Mail, one resident even wrote "They all have a scent which I’d say smells like maple? Please advise if this is normal?" wrote one concerned citizen. I know I would mind my money smelling like it, i mean i like pancakes, but if it make money stick together, this could be a financial disaster in the making..

Official's are in denial, and this could be a public scandal the likes of which have never been seen before. The smell isn't the only maple-related complaint about the notes, other emails the bank got said also the fact that the maple leaf that is drawn on the bill looks more like a Norway Maple than a Canadian one. Really? So, what idiot designed these things, any thought here? is there a huge difference?

Oh and the best part, On top of it all the Norway Maple is an invasive species that is doing damage to the Canadian environment. Canada is gonna lose it!