An incident that was reported over the weekend has spawned new rules for those who bring children.

Personally, besides the gorgeous piece of land that BBB (Buzzards Bay Brewery) sits upon with all of its open vastness, it's still an alcohol-manufacturing operation. In simpler terms... there's no difference than a public bar where children shouldn't be brought to in the first place.

Courtesy of Matthew Rezendes

It's a lovely spot to gather friends and family, but perhaps family of legal drinking age. Honestly, would you bring your child to a bar?

Courtesy of Matthew Rezendes

I look forward to hanging out there on the weekends and as "family-friendly" as it appears, I'm not a fan of children running around freely with their parents no where in sight.

Therefore, I'm all for these new guidlines that were recently released to the public:

If I were to decribe BBB with two words, it would be "Relaxation Destination". A place where you could leave your worries and woes behind while sipping on a delicious 'Golden Flounder' American Pale Wheat Ale and chomping down a BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese from the Fancheezical food truck. Absolute bliss!

Buzzards Bay Brewery made the public aware once again while dogs are not allowed on the property, children are more than welcomed, but hashtagged #NOFREERANGEKIDS.