What happens when you combine the deliciousness of a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie with an Imperial Stout Beer? Answer: EPICNESS.

We've seen Thin Mint candles, Thin Mint popcorn, even Thin Mint coffee... but on March 6th, 2018, New Bedford's Greasy Luck Brewpub set the bar even higher. Introducing their all-new beer titled, "No Doubt Girl Scout", their latest concoction that taste just like a Girl Scout Thin Mint.

The nitro-brewed beverage is a 7.2% alcoholic 'Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout' that will excite any beer connoisseur's taste buds. With a high alcohol content and thick base, chances are you'll only be able to enjoy a couple of these tasty brewskies before the fullness overcomes or the buzz... whichever destination you arrive at first.

This is truly the next best thing since chocolate collided with peanut butter to form one of America's favorite candies... the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Imagine if that was the next recipe in the making for the Downtown establishment? Perhaps it is, we'll just have to find out! I'm talking to YOU Greasy Luck.... *Hint, Hint*.

So what do you say? Would this be something you'd try? If so, then head on down to 791 Purchase Street, Downtown, New Bedford, and like always... Please drink responsibly!

***Must Be 21+ Years To Participate***


Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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