Two members of the New Bedford Police Department stopped by the Michael and Maddie Show to make sure everyone knows about the deadline for the Civil Service Exam. Sgt. Trevor Sylvia and Assistant Deputy Chief Scott Corrola told us that while the exam will be administered in March, the deadline to sign up for the exam is Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

"The civil service exam is only given once, so if you have any inclination, any desire at all that you might be interested in becoming a police officer over the next year, I'd strongly urge you to take it," said Carola. "We're on a mission to get more people who want to take on this job." Interested candidates should sign up for the exam on The cost is $75, but there are some fee waiver scenarios."

Courtesy of the New Bedford Police Department
Courtesy of the New Bedford Police Department

What Will Be Covered on the Exam?

The Civil Service Exam is an entry level exam. There is not expectation to know any laws or policies. The exam measures aptitude. An example of a question might be prioritizing needs at the scene of an accident or crime, but Carola stressed to not be intimidated by the exam.

Practice Exam

A practice exam will be given at Keith Junior High on February 24 that will cover sample questions and offer test taking tips and techniques.  "We're going to sharpen you up so you are at your best on game day," said Carola.

What Are the New Bedford Police Looking For in Candidates?

"People who are about other people, people who can be empathetic, people who want to go out in the community and make a change.  They want to be a part of the community, they want to engage with people.  We're looking for people who understand that when you become a police officer you don't have power, you only have responsibility," said Carola.  "To fill out our ranks right now, I could see us easily hiring 40 new police officers," said Carola.


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