Noah's Place Playground is not only New England's largest accessible playground but now it is the SouthCoast's first and only to have restrooms open year-round...but there's a catch.

Victor Fernandes, whose late son Noah inspired the inclusive playground, said that a lot was invested into the playground to create a beautiful and safe place for families in the community. A PIN-only access pad on the restrooms helps to keep them clean, prevent any vandalism and deter drug abuse from taking place on the property. The passcode changes intermittently to ensure the safety of the general public throughout the year.

A post on their Facebook page notes:

Attention Playground Visitors: In order to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the Noah's Place Playground restroom, we ask that you please call the phone number listed for a restroom PIN.

A sign with the phone numbers needed to request access has been placed outside of the playground's bathroom doors.

Noah's Place Playground is quickly becoming a popular spot for families to enjoy a nice day on the SouthCoast. Victor Fernandes commented on the special moments of kids with and without disabilities having the opportunity to play together.

It's an amazing experience that you witness there all day, every day.

With over $250,000 left to raise in order for Team Noah to pay off the current cost of the playground, it's important to keep this park as clean and family-friendly as possible.

Want to support the playground on a bigger level? Tickets for their 6th Annual Wine Tasting & Auction Fundraiseon Friday, March 2 are on sale for $40 per ticket.

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