You’ve heard of jumbo shrimp, but what about jumbo scallop?

A crew member from Fleet Fisheries in New Bedford brought in one of the largest scallops the SouthCoast has ever seen, weighing in at almost one full pound.

Fleet Fisheries, Inc. shared an image of the gigantic scallop, putting a quarter next to it for reference, but even that doesn’t do the incredible size justice. It’s official weight, including the shell, was a whopping .86 pounds. The typical weight of a scallop is .063 pounds, or one ounce.

Michael and Maddie spoke with Chuck Violissi, Vice President of Sales and Procurement at Fleet Fisheries, about the colossal scallop that has the SouthCoast buzzing. It was found by one of their captains named Marty aboard the Viking Power, and it was the biggest scallop Marty has ever harvested.

“He harvested one a while back bigger than a Coke can,” Violissi said, “But this is the biggest.”

It’s the biggest one Violissi and his crew has ever seen, and he’s been in the business for 20 years.

While I was still mesmerized by the incredible size of the scallop, Michael was more focused on the taste of it.

“The big ones don’t sometimes taste as good, is that true?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” Violissi replied. “I really believe it’s how you cook them.”

Courtesy of Fisherman's Market Marketing Team
Courtesy of Fisherman's Market Marketing Team

Which means someone is going to be eating like a king or queen very soon. Marty is technically the rightful owner, but Violissi admitted he might “sneak it away from him. We’ll see.”

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Unfortunately for Violissi, Fleet Fisheries, Inc. will be running a contest to give it away to one lucky scallop lover.

“We are going to run a contest at the Fisherman's Market,” says Fleet Fisheries, Inc. “We have these delicious frozen salmon fillets, and every time a customer buys one, they will get an entry into the drawing.”

The head chef at Fathoms Bar and Grille will be cooking it up for the winner.

Contest details will be announced next week. I have a feeling the winner may need help carrying it out of the market.

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