With the recent hype of the return of Ma's Donuts on Acushnet Ave in New Bedford, people have been buzzing over the highly anticipated re-opening date. It seems like Ma's fans are constantly hitting refresh on the donut shop's social media, looking for any clue as to when their beloved baked goods and delectable donuts will be available once again.

Allow me to clear the air a bit and dish out the facts.

On Monday, March 22, Ma's posted the following "tease" on its Facebook page:

I use the word "tease" because that's all this is. These mouth-watering photos of cinnamon buns, pastries, and, of course, those famous donuts flooded people's newsfeeds, suggesting that a re-opening date must be imminent. After all, why would Ma's fill its shelves with fresh-baked goodness if the doors weren't literally about to open for business?

So of course I had to do a little investigating and reached out to Lauren Kellish, who has been working feverishly around the clock alongside the owners Sheila and Eddie Lemieux, and their son (and Lauren's husband) Scott Lemieux to get Ma's ready to open once again.

The photo was just to stay in touch with Ma's followers on social media, Kellish said.

"As much as we appreciate everyone's support, we are not opening quite yet," Kellish told Fun 107. "Yes, we will be opening up this year, but that's all we can anticipate at this time. We will begin testing our product very soon to make sure the quality is just as it always has been, including muffins and pastries, not just donuts."

Ma's Donuts recently responded to the buzz regarding its opening with another Facebook post on Wednesday morning to clarify the rumors:

In other words, if you were planning on showing up this weekend, you'll be waiting for nothing. What I can assure you, SouthCoast, is that as soon as Ma's Donuts' has a date for its grand re-opening, I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Just hold on a little longer, the five-year wait will be over soon.

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