If you are looking to add an adorable bundle of fur to your family this summer, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Northeast Animal Shelters may have the kitten for you – especially since over 100 of them just arrived in the Bay State from shelters across Louisiana on Tuesday morning.

The kittens are all from shelters in New Orleans, Lafayette and Sorrento, Louisiana, but were not able to find homes there. So they took a long flight from Tennessee to New Bedford to be made available for Massachusetts families.

I'm sure these little cuties are ready to find their forever homes and get some love and snuggles after all they have been through at such an early age. But they first must go through a mandatory 48-hour quarantine period before officially being made available to adopt.

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For both organizations, that will happen during massive kitten adoption events this weekend, though unfortunately the shelters they will be made available from are not exactly on the SouthCoast. Seems to me some of these furballs should have been sheltered a little closer to where they arrived.

Still, you can try to adopt one of these kitties in need of homes through the MSPCA's Centerville and Methuen locations this Saturday at their Kitten Adoption Event July 24 from 12 p.m.. until 4 p.m. Space is limited and those interested are required to sign up for a spot ahead of the event.

You can also sign up for kitten adoptions at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem this Friday July 23. They are making additional kitten adoption appointments throughout the day for interested cat lovers, but you must sign up for these ahead of time, too.

They may take a drive to get them home with you, but I'm sure the years of love and snuggles you get in return will make it completely worth it.

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