It's a story like this one that restores my hope in humanity every time.

Two kids from New Bedford, seven-year-old Hayden and 10-year-old Brooklyn, decided they were going to give back to the community by helping the homeless. Under the supervision of Courtney Pina, the kids had raised $220 in just four days, all going towards supplies, food and clothes for the needy.

"They raised money from a lemonade stand and a dog-walking business over at Ellis Haven Campground in Plymouth (where the family has a seasonal spot)," Pina told Fun 107. "They asked family members and friends for chores and also had a clothing donation drive for the homeless."

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Pina

Hayden and Brooklyn took the money and put it towards food, toothbrushes, combs, hair elastics, bandaids, drinks and even baked cookies and cake. On top of that, the children also put together 120 peanut butter and fluff and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to pass out to anyone who was hungry and down on their luck.

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Pina

"We drove around with a setup in the back of my car," Pina said. "We went downtown, Riverside Park and even Custom Square Park where we asked anyone who was homeless if they wanted anything to eat. Our last stop was over on Cedar Road and State Street under the overpass near Hayden-McFadden Elementary. We invited the homeless over to take what they wanted."

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Pina

Hayden was the one who sparked the project after the family suffered a house fire back in April. Together, the family lived in a motel for a few days where she saw the homeless struggling and wanted to help out. After a day of thinking and strategizing, she created the "Hungry Helpers" project and recruited Brooklyn to help out.

"I'm beyond proud of my daughter for coming up with the idea," Pina said. "She's adopted, so for her to have such empathy at such a young age, it makes my heart overfilled. I just love her so much."

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Pina

As of now, the dream team plans on doing a second project in the near future. It was a dose of reality for the kids that they'll never forget.

"You could tell they have never seen that distinctive side of life before and they're so humbled by the experience," Pina said. "They are so fortunate and I couldn't be any more proud of them."

Imagine what the world would be like today if we all followed Haden and Brooklyn's example. Keep up the great work and thank you for making such a powerful impact on the local community here in New Bedford. Sometimes the smallest influence, like creating the "Hungry Helpers", can spark such a large change to better the world we live in.

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