A New Bedford kid who is the spitting image of a budding NBA superstar is hoping to get the chance to meet his slightly older doppleganger.

Let's be honest here, Daunte Navedo is a mustache and a goatee away from being exactly Jayson Tatum. I mean it only makes sense that he would get to meet the Celtics star. Tatum needs to know him and start training him so he, too, can be a Celtics star.

I mean, he played basketball at Roosevelt Middle School and according to his Facebook page, he "works at NBA."

As a die hard Celtics fan, I for one would not hate a future Celtics roster of Jayson Tatum and his many clones.

You know what, I bet that's it. This kid is a clone. Danny Ainge is at it again! I challenge you to find me a better GM in the league. He's out here cloning stars!

One way or another, this is crazy cool. So much so that Daunte's new school, Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech, is launching a campaign to get Tatum to come to a pep rally at the school. Jayson, if you're reading this right now, you NEED to come meet Jayson Tatum "The Remix."

Come down, hang out, dunk on LeBron together--you know, the usual stuff.

Oh! And then can you come by Fun 107 and say hi too? Asking for a friend...


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