The words "Homlyke Bakery" have been buzzing around downtown New Bedford over the past week. People walking down Union Street in the area of the New Bedford Hotel have been doing double-takes when they look up and see the vintage bakery sign.

Could it be? First Ma's Donuts, and now this? Could Homlyke Bakery be added to the list of legacy businesses making a big return to New Bedford? It's too good to be true!

At one point, Homlyke Bakery had four locations here on the SouthCoast. New Bedford locations were on Union Street, Dartmouth Street, and Acushnet Ave. The fourth was on Route 6 in Fairhaven.

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The downtown location was not pulling in the volume needed to remain above water, so it closed down nearly 20 years ago, according to building owner Lita Sawang. Fairhaven was also closed, leaving two remaining Homlyke locations. The bakery closed its remaining stores on Dartmouth Street and Acushnet Ave in New Bedford about seven years ago, as WBSM first reported in February of 2014.

Lita and her husband Phill Winslow own both the vacant Homlyke space and the adjacent Thai restaurant Spicy Lime. The space was occupied by a nail salon several years ago, but the business moved out just prior to the pandemic. Lita told Fun 107 that late last week they finally got a chance to remove the Tip Top Nails sign, which revealed the older Homlyke Bakery sign behind it.

"No, Homlyke Bakery is not moving into the spot," she said with a laugh. "We are still looking to find a tenant for the space."

However, Sawang agreed that the bakery would have been the perfect compliment to her Thai restaurant. Dare to dream.

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