A haunted home in New Bedford will be featured tonight on Travel Channel’s hit paranormal show, A Haunting.

The episode premieres at 10 p.m. tonight.

Here’s the description for the episode, titled “House of Nightmares,” on the Travel Channel website:  When Tracey Berrios experiences paranormal activity inside her new home, she suspects spirits tied to the house's history. But after something evil attacks Tracey, she fears for the safety of her family and turns to paranormal investigators for help.

The house, a Victorian built in 1878, is located in the West End of New Bedford. Tracey Berrios tells Fun 107 she found the house completely by accident about five years ago.

“My husband Dennis and I had been looking for a house, and we were driving home from breakfast on a Sunday and took a turn that we don’t normally take. And I said to him, ‘There’s a For Sale sign!’ and we stopped, backed the car up and turned down the street,” she said. “When we stopped in front of it, we both just stared up and said, ‘Wow!’”

The couple later walked over with their dog, and Dennis wandered into the yard to get a closer look. Tracey said the owner then came out and told them there was going to be an Open House a few days later, but Tracey said the couple didn’t want to take the chance of waiting for the Open House and called the realtor right away for a showing.

“I just know that I had a huge moment of déjà vu as I walked into the dining room. I knew I had been in this house before,” Tracey said. “I walked in, and said ‘This is it, I’m head over heels in love with this house.’”

Tracey said it didn’t take long for her dream house to turn into the “House of Nightmares.”

Although her agreement with the production company prohibits her from talking about any of her paranormal experiences in the house prior to tonight’s airing, she did tell us that she called in two separate paranormal investigators to check out the activity, including Luann Joly of the New Bedford-based Whaling City Ghosts. She said Joly captured several examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena during her investigation of the house, which is when spirits imprint their voices on recordings that are not heard at the time of the investigation and only discovered later.

Last fall, the producers of A Haunting were looking for cases to feature on the program, and that led them to Tracey’s story. The production team came out in November and interviewed Tracey, Dennis, Tracey’s daughter Jordan, Luann and others involved in the case at a location in Dartmouth. Surprisingly, the crew did not film any footage at the actual house itself, as all of the re-creation footage was shot elsewhere.

Perhaps the crew was too frightened by Tracey’s experiences to want to step foot in the house?

Tracey said they shouldn’t have been since the activity only seems to take place “from time to time,” she said.

“They’re very picky about when they want to show up,” Tracey said of the spirits, whom she calls “the Dead Eddys," after her belief that it is the first family to inhabit the home, the Eddy family, that haunts it. “We’ll go through long periods of time where nothing happens, and then we’ll have short bursts of activity.”

And Tracey said she’s not worried about what the neighbors or anyone else think about seeing the story of her haunting on television.

“It is what it is. I don’t necessarily expect any sort of negativity,” she said, noting she herself has always been a believer in the paranormal. “I always have been. I feel like we have to be damn arrogant to think there’s nothing else out there besides us.”

Check out some production stills from the episode:

The Berrios Home on 'A Haunting'

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