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Good news for New Bedford kids and parents that were hoping to go trick or treating this Halloween: Mayor Jon Mitchell said he agrees with Governor Charlie Baker and has no intention of standing in the way of trick or treating this Halloween.

"I can just tell people now that I don't have a problem with trick or treating going forward. Some of the Halloween events are not a good idea, so we may prohibit them," Mitchell said. "But for planning purposes, just know that your kids can buy costumes, but don't be planning an event."

Worcester, like New Bedford, is listed as red in the Commonwealth's weekly color-coded COVID map. This means that the city is at high risk for COVID-19 spread. Because of that designation, the mayor of Worcester made the decision to join Lawrence, Haverhill and Springfield to ban trick or treating.

Mayor Mitchell did have an issue with Halloween parties or even Trunk or Treat events, suggesting that they could contribute to the spread of COVID.

"I think a lot of this will be in the way of suggestion rather having the police going out and enforcing a mandate," he said.

Mitchell said that New Bedford residents can watch out for some Halloween guidelines that will be released in the next week or so. The guidelines will offer suggestions on how to safely distribute candy to trick or treaters along with safety tips for trick or treating families.

The general rule of thumb would be to socially distance from others while you are trick or treating, just as you would in any other public situation.

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