One of the creepiest parts of the coronavirus pandemic is seeing places around the world that are normally so vibrant and full of life become desolate.

Take a look at some of these chilling photos ranging from a city street in Rome to a New York subway. All of them have one thing in common: they are devoid of people. The crowds that once packed shoulder-to-shoulder to see the Taj Mahal or Miami Beach have disappeared in an eerily post-apocalyptic fashion. This photo gallery from TheFW: is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. They all could have appeared in the final scenes of Planet of the Apes, but this is real life.

Planet of the Apes
A Perfect Life Moment via YouTube

I noticed a similar feeling when I went to pick up take out at Greasy Luck last week. New Bedford, thankfully, was desolate. The city doing just what officials have asked. I snapped a picture and posted it to Instagram, but nothing could capture the unnerving calm of the Whaling City like this short film. It's called To New Bedford, With Love. It was put together by a very talented 31-year-old filmmaker named Ethan de Aguiar. He is a 2014 graduate of Bridgewater State University.

De Aguiar tells Fun 107 that he shot most of the New Bedford footage one afternoon last week, then took a couple of days to edit it together.

The short film offers inspiration at a time when we all need it. It calls us to action.

"We should use this time to be creative, and to do the things we love. We will bounce back. New Bedford is a resilient city. We will get through this together." --To New Bedford, With Love

We couldn't agree more.

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