Humanity is thriving in New Bedford thanks to two natives/fathers who want the best for their community.

Lance "Forty" Wedge and Steven "Bonzy" Lamontagne were born and raised in the Whaling City, raised on humbleness and pride. They've been close friends for years and these two men feverishly seek a way to help others in need and together decided to take on a project that will help dozens of local families with a Thanksgiving drive.

On Saturday, October 14th, Wedge and Lamontagne will team up with Seabra to give back and help fight hunger that devastates local kids and families of the greater New Bedford community.

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"We love our community and we love our kids, thats what we do," Wedge said sincerely, "I'm blessed we get to work with Seabra to get turkeys, fixings, and possibly gift cards to the grocery store so the family can go shopping for other items to complete their meals."

This is the first Thanksgiving drive Wedge and Lamontagne are orchestrating, hoping it becomes an annual event.

"Moving forward, after this year, we would also like to try and set up scholarships for kids who are excelling," Wedge added, "Whether it's athletics or academics, these students have the skill, the drive, and the passion, but the reality is that perhaps they have tough circumstances at home financially that aren't allowing them to pursue a higher education."

Both Wedge and Lamontagne are fathers with kids who are currently attending the New Bedford school system or have graduated and moved on in life. As fortunate as these caring fathers are, they use these food drives as a reminder for their kids to help others whenever they can.

"I have a daughter who's a freshman at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech," Lamontagne said, "I want her and other kids to see with their own eyes that when you are allowed to give back, you give back. Lance and I are trying our best to instill this in our kids. I always say- Don't ever look down on someone, or their misfortune, unless you're looking to pick them up. That's my motto and when it comes time for this food drive to happen, we're ready to work for it. We're not looking to have an online link, we want to put in the leg work."

The New Bedford natives will be meeting with administrators from Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School and New Bedford High School this week to discuss setting up a tent on the sidelines of home games to help raise money to buy food. 100% of the funds will go back to local families, Wedge and Lamontagne are not looking for a penny of profit.

When there's a will, there's a way, and these two gentlemen are prime examples of ways we can unite the community here on the SouthCoast and I have a feeling they are far from finished when it boils down to giving back.

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